Let's Dance!

December 08, 2017 2:25 PM | Guest Blogger (Administrator)

By Cheryl Loatsch

Dance has always been the way Sarah Phillips expresses her full spectrum of emotion. Happiness, anger, joy, melancholy and more all find its way into her movement. She uses her movements and the music to tell a compelling and beautiful story.

Dance has been an integral part of Phillips’ story from her very first tendu.

“I remember when I was as young as three years old, feeling free to follow not only the beat of the music but my own unique rhythm,” she recalled.

"Strength and grace go hand-in-hand on the dancer’s stage, " she says. "This pairing also serves us well in our day-to-day endeavors. By accepting the outcome of daily events with grace and strength, one is able to persevere."

The inner strength Phillips found through dance became her personal anchor and continues to serve her when the life’s challenges appear.

For Phillips, the structure, focus and determination it takes to conquer the ballet barre has become a spiritual exercise. Barre techniques are some of the most important building blocks of all dance. Phillips sees the barre as a space where all dancers return and refresh their spirits.

As an instructor and adult dancer, Phillips is now experiencing the joy of instilling the love of dance in her students.

“There is no greater satisfaction than witnessing a child find the dancer within themselves,” she said. “My parents get the credit for encouraging me to dance. I see the pride they have in my dedication and journey as a dancer. The pride they have felt throughout my dance career is now magnified for me when I watch my students perform.”

Phillips teaches ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, character and hip-hop to ages three and up at Cheryl Loatsch Dance Studio in Quincy.

Arts Quincy is excited to share a new column with our readers: Let's Dance! Dance is a way of making us feeling more alive and is an outlet for the body, mind and soul. We look forward to featuring more local dancers in future Arts Quincy magazines. The following is about a local dance instructor and how dance is an integral part of her daily life. If you know someone to be featured in this area please contact us at marketing@artsquincy.org.

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